Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The (not so) many faces of Taricha

Taricha and I have been butting heads a lot these last few weeks. She wants my constant attention but when I give it to her, she doesnt want it. It's like, she wants to 'do' something but all our normal activities are not interesting to her. I've been having a really hard time getting her enthusiastic about -anything-. She'll just sit there, stare at me and whine. This non-interest seems to be solely happening at home. When we get outdoors, she's back to her normal happy self, enjoying toys and such.

My mother, ever so full of wisdom, who raised us with retired greyhounds, says that she's just been feeling her oats with the change of weather. That I need to remember Taricha is really only just 3 years ish of age and she still is growing mentally and will have her moods. That I can't bend to my dog's will constantly. (Health issues have been ruled out, Taricha is actually in the best shape of her life) Yet I still feel like I'm failing her! We already spend 3-4 hours a day out doing things and I can't squeeze much more in! I mean 'doing' things too, stimulating activites, wearing packs, clicker training, fetch, parks, car rides, friends houses, play dates, walking new areas, and on and on.

I try to remind Taricha, most dogs in our neighborhoods dont get any walks or field romps. Most dogs are tied up with  four square feet of living space for their entire lives. I try to remind her that most dogs are in their kennels 8+ hours a day while their humans work, while this human works at home and is devoted to her every whim! So have I created a monster?

Sometimes I find Taricha hard to read. She's not a crazy tail wagger, never has been. She likes to lean against people rather than lay on.  She's actually rather mellow and only has a handful of expressions I've been able to pick out. Some dogs flip out when you ask them if they want a 'cookie' or so forth. Taricha just kinda tilts a head.... and... thats it.

I love scratches, face.

Want Food, face.

Want toy, face

Nom Nom, Face

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