Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Wolf Pack Member

The biggest Halloween metal bash of the year was last night and I could not resist grabbing this shirt for Taricha. This was the biggest shirt size Hammerlord, the headline band, had and we had to squeeeze T into it!

Kinda wish more bands would have dog clothing! This is great!

"I dont think it's great....."


  1. Nice! I find that most dog clothing sold by groups other than pet stores is WAY too small for my dogs. The college I went to had dog sweatshirts, but no sizes to fit a dog much over 20 lbs!

  2. She fits in a dog T like my babies. Looks good but a little tight in the neck due to all that chest. :) SO cute. We have settled for the rock group T's at Petsmart. We have Poison, Rush and Ozzy Osborune but I'd die if I went to a show and a metal group had pup tees!