Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rising Star

Taricha is well over 2 years now. Some of her is still so much puppy and some of her really shows signs of  a grown up. She doesnt romp with me wildly like she used to (and sometimes I miss that....) But she listens to me more readily which is just plain awesome. Taricha seems to be on her guard more and more, prancing around the house checking windows and doors. Maybe its our new shady neighborhood and she senses that its her job. Maybe she's bored. . Every visitor must be approved and through alllllll our training, I still cant get her to stop jumping up on people.

Dont you hate it as your pooch jumps up, and the people go "oh its okay!!!!! I like dogs!".......
Seems to be a world wide problem.

Among other changes..... I swear Taricha's coat is changing. or changed, in the last few weeks. My mother says Im crazy but I think I have the pics to prove it!

Gold is the only way to describe a new luster on her coat. Colors popping! The strangest thing, on her right ribcage arose a lighter colored star. Just five light dots that werent there before. 

The contrast is  altered  in this photo but I wanted to make a point. There it is, bright as day! Ive always admired Taricha's coat as is, shes a 'different' kind of brindle than you see every day, she certainly enjoys the compliments we get everyyyyywhere.  Can a coat change over time? This star pattern .. hmmm.. maybe its the weather! Maybe its a celestial sign! Maybe she just needs a bath....

Thursday, March 29, 2012


As fun as having two beasts around the house was.... it is very nice to be back to simply the two of us.
We've been spending solid time exploring the neverending city, including Liberty Memorial and the Occupy KC camp.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Walk before the Storm

Ive been pretty amazed at Taricha and Kalulah's ability to walk on a leash together. The addition of Kalulah almost seems to help Taricha chill out....... K is just sooo easy going,  plods along without a worry or care, ignoring Taricha's antics. (until we see anything small, then its a volcano of lunges and barking and I can't do anything but stand and hold back two 100 lb dump trucks.... but anyways!)

They have both been getting walks by themselves but the once a day together walk is surely enjoyable. Today is super nice, though storm clouds are looming. Its eerily quiet and not many people about.

A storm is coming!

Or maybe its just spring?

Because everything has turned so GREEN!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duo Dog Days

The household seems to be having a great time the past few days. All except the poor cat that is. He's been hiding upstairs and utterly refuses to come down stairs as long as he can smell and hear the snorty beast that is Kalulah.

With good reason because there are a few things Kalulahs human neglected to add in her care instructions.

One being severe deadly intent on getting a hold of small animals. Cats, dogs AND children.  My sisters children stopped by for a few minutes and Kalulah did NOT like them. Ive never in my life met a dog so intent on staring them down, barking and lunging. She got crated instantly because theres no joking around with the safety of  kids. Cat being near is out of the question. On our walk last night we met a few dogs all of which the passings went fine.... until it was a small YIP YAPPER dog... Kalulah  flips shit, barking, lunging. All I could do was stand and hope to hold back this 100lb freight train until the other dog went out of sight.

Two being a bladder control problem. She's an older girl, still gets around okay but she moves stiffly, her fat bully rear end is not what it used to be.  Several times now she's left a puddle under her rear end while laying down and I do believe its to not fault of her own.... Its just every so often and I feel bad for her every time I clean up her rear end. Thank heavens for hardwood floors in most every room of the house. Although one of the dogbeds may not survive this week.

Taricha is still throwing a fit that Kalulah will not play with her but other than that, all seems to be settling down for the long week ahead. The girls are asleep this afternoon after a long morning walk each.... being lazy and waiting for the storm to come in.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bulldog Heaven

This is a fun week for our household because we're watching another AB for a whole week! Taricha can hardly contain herself.


The white bulldog, Kalulah, is a special bully because she owns the human who united Taricha and I. The two gurrls have spent quite an amount of time together in the past, this reunion was boisterous nonetheless.

After the initial greeting, things settled down. Kalulah is an older dog, probably over 7. She's emotionally mature and doesnt enjoy physical playing nonstop (like Taricha). Kalulah seems to be far more people oriented, she'll follow me around and ask to play with ME, sit by me, nuzzle me and almost entirely ignores Taricha. Which only drives Taricha crazier.... she keeps reverting to 'puppy mode' and rolls around on the floor under Kalulah, whining, barking, nipping, begging to be playing with but to no avail.

I think its a great thing that the two get along but Kalulah ignores her antics. Taricha has always been obsessed with other dogs,  she's never been able to just let-them-be in any environment so this.... this is great. We went for a walk last night and while Taricha bounds ONTOP of Kalulah, tangling leashes every which way and tries to initate play (every block or so).... K just keeps on walking without batting an eye. I smile because I think T is learning something.

Ohhh anyways. Its really kind of early and we have a long day ahead. Attempting another walk? maybe.

Here's some tug!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feels like Spring

Taricha and I have been enjoying the last month of 50 degree days. Ive made every attempt to get us on a serious outing once a day on top of the usual neighborhood walks. We've visited several conservation areas, lakes and parks lately but mostly walking trails hidden in between (and under) suburbia. Its fun and rewarding for both of us to explore new places. And its just so damned nice out.....

One of *my* fave new places is an out of the way park that has empty run down baseball fields. Im nearly positive they're not in use because they dont even seem to be in upkeep. The fences are almost falling over, weeds overgrown, diamond dirt is half gone! No one ever passes by and the only sound is the far off soccer fields that seem to always be occupied.

The best part of these baseball fields is that they're mostly fenced. I feel comfortable taking Taricha off leash and getting a little crazy, a real rarity. We try to bring a toy along everywhere we go, the squeaky KONG being her fave. (She gets rather obsessed over this toy compared to others... crazed look in her eye!) We practice Sit, Wait, GO GET IT's with the KONG in the field until she's so tired she just plops into the grass pant-snorting.

All this work and new diet is starting to pay off. She is losing weight. Our weekly trip to my mother's house results in much love and attention from many visitors, some which had not seen her in a bit. They remarked on her looking better which makes me feel better because I know Taricha has to be feeling better. A lot of better going on! Im excited for our next  vet trip to find out how much she's actually weighing in at. Unfortunately for me (thankfully for Taricha) that vet trip should be a long ways off.