Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing Hooky

The night and morning was full of rain but that did not stop us. 

We were in fact counting on the dark skies stopping other people. It seemed like the moment we got to the lake, the skies opened blue and the entire world was ours alone.

The moment the doggies were set free, Martok headed into the water. I dont mean for it, or towards it, he knew exactly what he was doing and he dived in, swam and swam and swam. I was entirely surprised as this is the first time he's really seen water. (cept our backyard kiddie pool)

Then he discovered fetching sticks and wanted nothing more than to get them out of the water. Over and over and over.

I am starting to wonder what breeds are really in Martok. He was adopted as a 'pit mix' but he bays like a hound and swims like a retriever! 

Taricha has swam a few times before but today she wont go in past her chest. 

No matter how Martok taunts her.

Last time we were at this lake there was a huge sandy beach.
It has been raining so much all week that the water was crazy high, no beach for us.
Just rocks.

Wet Puppies!


 We worked up an appetite running and swimming around so much. 
Mmmm cheese, crackers and sunshine.

It was a good day to play hooky.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Growing Up So Fast!

Martok often seems to be growing up too fast. He's so patient and smart. Every day he's getting less and less wiggly.... instead he sits proud, head held high, waiting for whats next.  In the last week he has started to hike his leg to pee, a sure sign that puppyhood won't last a whole lot longer.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


We go on one little hike at a new park and this is what happens.

Ticks!! Covered Taricha.
My sister and I sat Taricha down and spent a good 20 min picking them off.
And I still keep finding more.
and more.

Guess we wont go there again!

It was a paved walking path so this was a bit unexpected...
but I suppose there were lots of over hanging trees.

We use Frontline plus but I guess that takes a little time, for the tick to attach, die and fall off.
Now we're on the hunt for a dog safe tick repellent...
cause this is nuts.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back in Action with a Smile

Can you see how happy that bully face is to be out playing again?
Oh yes, Taricha's mouth is healed up and she couldn't wait to actually hold onto something!

 Yesssssss alllll mineee!

Granted, the space left by the removal of the teeth is still 'fleshy' and probably tender... she has the all clear for normal actives  gently. Taricha is mighty dismayed that I wont tug toys with her. Instead we're working on  drop (takes her about 1 solid min of be standing there staring for a drop to happen) and fetch, just having a good time, sans rough play.

Taricha's tongue at full pant is now lopsided. Don't tell Taricha that her smile is forever crooked, she still believes she's the prettiest lady around.

Oh, thats cause she is!

Our hearts go out to the Oklahoma tornado victims  hoomans and pups alike. The video of the woman finding her dog mid interview did indeed bring tears to our eyes. We live in Kansas, the same storm that got them passed right over our heads the same night and it was mighty frightening but we're ok! (both Taricha and Martok actually slept through the whole damn thing...)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Entertaining Puppy

Somehow I got lucky.... Martok is really a near perfect puppy. 
(As long as he gets a little exercise. hehe)

He's attentive, gentle, smart and of course he's frigging adorable.
Especially when those ears get going!

I'm comin maaaaaa!

What chew got, treats?

Awww yeah, treats!

Martok has been attending two group classes a week for a little while now. I swear I'm not trying to brag but he really is the smartest and best puppy in each class. He's never the one causing trouble instead he is standing next to someone waiting for a command and a treat, all chill like, whats up? When released he goes to play like a banshee with his dog buddies (for about one min) then gets bored and comes back to me, all like, whats up, treat?


Due to Martok being a smart little snot, he needa 'entertained' to stay outta trouble, so our outings involve whatever we can do that is fun on the way. This last week we've been working on climbing and sitting on various objects. He's doing great at it, especially considering the first week he lived with us, he was growling at fire hydrants and trash cans. Now he's all like, whats up, treat?

Taricha enjoys the same activity of climbing and sitting on things. It's a super great way to mentally and physically stimulate the pups, turning everything into an obstacle course.

Look a buuurd!

Martok is certainly making this summer entertaining. He's hard to keep up with and he's smarter and faster than me at everything we do.

Now, get outside and have some adventure too!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Finally, Freedom!

The last month has been brutally boring! Taricha's been under the vet's orders to take it easy while her mouth heals up. As long as this Monday's recheck goes well, we have full intentions of getting the fuck out of dodge and camping the next day. We both need a vacation!

I know something is up, cuz its my backpack!

Taricha hasn't been sitting around the house all the time, she wouldn't stand for it. She still needs exercise and stimulation despite a sore mouth, we just take it down a notch. A lot of  neighborhood walks. Grandma's house (and the kids) and most importantly, weightless local trail runs.

These limestone glades make me feel small

Lets goooo what we standing here for?

You probably noticed that neat patch that says "WORKING: PLEASE DO NOT PET" on Taricha's backpack. They're sew on patches and the best five bucks I've spent in a while, infact I need to get more to make Taricha a vest. 

Why is she wearing this? Well Taricha has a few issues with people walking up to us. She is a very people loving dog but it simply must be under the right circumstances and with the right greeting. (Proper greeting... If you ask her to sit (not tell), give her a treat and pet the shoulders/neck (not head), she is your best friend for life.) 

When she and I are walking, in our zone together, she doesn't appreciate a stranger reaching out to pat her head or rushing up to us very fast googling over her, it makes her uncomfortable, breaks her focus and changes her mood. People trying to pat her head first is the worst and it happens ALL THE TIME. 

Taricha is an interesting looking dog, I get it, everyone wants to come talk about her and pet her. Good people ask before approaching but my answer is usually "Sorry, she's not real friendly..."  Often, too often, we've had a few 'sneak attacks'.... where Im distracted for a moment or in a crowd and someone comes up behind me, without saying a word, to pet Taricha. She's a good girl and is not trying to bite when someone reaches for her. Taricha is VERY good at communicating being uncomfortable but people ignore these early signals so she will growl and sometimes barks, once, very loud to get the point across. Scares the bajeezues out of people and they usually freak out, Im left feeling like everyone thinks I have a vicious dog. She's just communicating. 

These little patches suddenly put my mind at ease when we were walking in a crowd. I swear Taricha was 100% at ease as well; no one tried to approach her, stop her or pet her. Instead they looked at me or talked to me first. The strangest part, I noticed people kept a slightly bigger bubble of space around us. It was beautiful. Taricha and I have been more instep together in public, she is infact working when she has her pack on, it is her job and she loves it. Taricha just doesn't want to be bothered! Amazing how this little sign has made being around people more enjoyable.

Now.... we are going to go shopping today for final camping supplies! Out in nature during the weekdays... Hopefully where there are NO people and we can be freeee!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lazy Bum

Taricha has decided (or claimed) recently that this is her favorite spot in the living room.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunny Saturday

Sometimes one can just tell.... puppy needs to burn some serious energy.

Frankly, its been a hard few weeks for puppy Martok. I have to be constantly on him to stop trying to play with Taricha (who is not even a week into healing from the latest tooth surgery). He's been listening to me less every day about it, I could tell, he just needed to get out some pent up frustrations in a way that can only be done by playing hard with another dog.

So we went to visit our best bud, Diego the Manchester Terrier!

Can you believe Diego is almost 10 years old?
He managed to outplay and outrun Martok! 

We hope you had fun today too?

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Week in Instagram

I love instagram. It takes a shitty cell phone photo and turns it into a shitty filtered photo! We post a lot, usually as we are doing what we are doing, so if you are looking to kill time, look up 'nyxilyn' and follow us on instagram!

I will lay in your flower pots and there is nothing you can do about it!

I prefer to admire the greenery cause I'm a lady like that.


Stop taking pictures and let us hike!


Feel free to join me, its delightful!

What? it smells good in here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

(Taricha had surgery again yesterday. All went well and her mouth looks much improved, the canine hole is restitched, minus one more tooth and then a few more stitches. The miserable anesthesia hangover is hard to watch but today she is feeling noticeably better, well enough that she's tried to pick up a few toys and gets confused when I squeel and take them away. Guess who also very much dislikes the vet now?)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

In a Moment of Sunshine

Earlier this week we had a brief warm day in which the snakes could come outside to play with us.

Female Black Blood Python 

Well, sorta, snakes dont really play well with doggies!

Martok learned quickly they aren't play things but enjoys watching!

Male Surinam red tail boa

We can't get enough snakes! Gorgeous fascinating creatures. 

Female dumerils boas

Despite accidental tail lockups a few months ago, Im fairly sure that the female dumerils boa is not gravid, so no babies this season.