Friday, February 24, 2012

A New Toy, the Backpack

When Taricha was younger I had made her a backpack out of old cargo-pants. Not only did she outgrow it in a couple month, but it was really only for fun and wasnt made well enough to carry anything. At the time she seemed to enjoy toting it around. 

This winter we've been bored senseless and I wanted to try out some serious back packing in an attempt to wear Taricha out. (so I can play video games in peace!).

No idea where to begin or what to expect when picking out a backpack. The choices out there are TOO MANY! I didnt know how it would fit, how we would like it, or durable it was, etc etc.  Why not start at the bottom and figure out what we do and dont like..... sooo. We bought a 20$ pack in size L off ebay, "Outward Hound". I figured it was a good place to start since it was mainly, cheap. 

For twenty bucks,  we are both impressed. Been using it almost two months now and its just now starting to show wear. It only just had a hole rip from a bottom seam but I dont blame the pack, we were running through bushy winter backwoods including a few lake dunks.

There are many things I instantly liked and didnt like about this backpack.

Cons: Doesnt seem to fit right around her large bully chest and neck and I dont think its a size issues, its a design issue. Straps dangle and dont tuck away or too many. Canvas in the middle sucks up hair but the rest repells it...

Pros: Durable. lots of pockets. Inside one pocket is a keychain/hook or something. Handle on the back for easy grabbing.

 Time to start shopping around for a better one now that we know a thing or two. Suggestions welcome :)

Taricha isnt carrying anything heavy, yet. Two months of this one and we've only just worked up to a water bottle in each side, her leash/harness, poo bag and extra treats/food being held in the pack. She certainly knows when she's wearing it, that I'm messing with all the time, is more tired after a neighborhood walk and I swear she likes it. I hope she feels like it's a 'job'.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


In our city, which is a sprawling suburbia, its hard to find a decent field or any space what so ever outside of the established parks. Thankfully, its littered with walking trails that follow trash filled creeks so most anywhere we go, there is a trail nearby that provides some entertainment. This one happened to be between/under/around a liquor store, 10 car dealerships, a hardware store, a bridge or two and a highway. And a lot of really cute geese that leave adooorable piles of green shit all over the walking trails.

Taricha had every intention of eating every single pile of poop no matter how much I tried to nearly bribe her away with treats.... so we ended up walking on the creek intself and taking our time to admire the scrap wood piles and plastic bagreenery.

Really hard to look regal with that face, Taricha.

PS. Puppy playdate from the other day =O!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Taricha and I moved again. Bigger and better house with one less roommate. Its been an adjustment but its for the better. The two of us have enjoyed spending the last few weeks here exploring on our daily walks in this strange warm winter.

The only downfall is Taricha sincerely misses having those doggie roommates to play with daily. We're making it a point to have more playdates and are on our way to one right now with an adorable Manchester Terrier named Deigo.

Saturday, February 4, 2012