Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Lets just say that Summer is not our favorite season around here. 
Yet somehow we find ways to enjoy it.

Taricha really enjoys her car rides.
Especially ones that take us through endless corn fields.

Taricha enjoys helping out in the garden.

and she really enjoys air conditioning.... !

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I often think about getting a second dog. Fostering most likely because I dont think I could bring myself to commit to another 15 years of fur-kid-monster-ness. I really only think about doing it for Taricha, a playmate, a cuddle buddy, a friend to be with when Im not around.  Taricha has her own pet cat, Seth, and they are great friends but they cant interact the way dogs are meant to.

Then all my ideas of a second beast are dashed every time we go to the dog park.

Taricha does a once over the place, sniffs whos who and then usually plops herself down somewhere and simply watches the goings on.

We go so fairly regularly that she 'knows' a few of the dogs. I figured she would be interested in interacting with those, especially since she is SO excited to go here! Other dogs dont seem too interested in her either. She'll get sniffs from everyone but none will anyone initiate play. Despite the lack of interaction Taricha does seem to enjoy herself at the dog park. Would she enjoy another dog in the home?

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The internet is such a wondrous thing. We "discovered" a new park a mere 15min away, with lots of trails, trees, chickens?, caves and chimneys! This little plot of land sits on a bit of the Sante Fe trail and even though thh front entrance was crowded with a boyscout troop lunch... the rest of the place was completely people free. A perfect place to try out our new EzyDog Trail pack.


Our previous backpack was the Outward Hound Excursion pack. It was okay. For the relatively cheap price, it got the job done and we were happy. A tear formed after our first forest outing but I sewed it up and has held since. The only thing I dislike about this pack is the way it sits on her neck (seems to rest on the throat) and the way it carried weight (on the back).

This new pack. the EzyDog was picked out because of the way it attaches around the chest instead of the neck. I figured it would be far more comfortable and better for things like hiking, in which I can pull her around (or vice versa) if needed. The weight of the pack also sits far higher, on the shoulders, but at the same time it seems to impede her ability to walk slightly.

I mention hiking because we have some trips planned this year and are gearing up. Colorado being our main destination choice.

ohhh anyways! Overall, Im not really happy with this new pack. Its durability  is impressing me, good quality stuff and the top is a breathable canvas. Lots of pockets and hooks, lots! Love that stuff......  But its still chunky, its still awkward looking....the hunt for a perfect fitting bully back pack is still on. (someone recommended going a size smaller than the charts say to? Might be our next try.)

Please look at the camera? Oh. ok. fine!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

That Face

Someone is not thrilled about a new backpack. 
Whats the matter, does it smell funny?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gettin Crazy

One of our favorite activities was walking to nearby skate park that had several rinks fully closed in. When no one else was around, she and I would run/rollerblade in circles like a couple of idiots. It was one of the few places Taricha totally goes nuts. Obsessing over her squeaky Kong and a never ending chase game between the two of us. Maybe its because Im faster and can run circles around her that gets her going, maybe its just being offleash in strange paved place... whatever the reason, she goes bonkers and nothing exhausts her like a skate rink romp.

But then we moved 20min away and we've been seriously missing the place....

Until today.

Simply out walking today and lo and behold around a corner, a little out of the way park has a single HUGE enclosed skate rink. We instantly turned tail, went home, got my skates and came back just in time for a group of people to vacate the ring.... leaving it allllll to us!


Monday, May 7, 2012

A Date

One of Taricha's favorite friends is Diego the Manchester Terrier. Due to recent news that Diego isnt doing great internally and may not be around a whole lot longer... we've got to make it a point to have more playdates. The two really seem to like eachother, since the moment they met oh so long ago.
Nothing but blurrs.

Sometimes the greyhound comes out.

Then she remembers she isnt so agile.

That's how you spend a day.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


The pack walk was a huge success and Im very pleased to report that Taricha was one of the better behaved pups, after the initial OOOO!!! of gathering together. She put up a fuss, mostly just lunging and pulling when I wasnt paying attention. There was one little boston terrier she seemed to take a fancy for, or at least an obsession with. We ended up near the end of the pack while the little terrier was near the front... if they made eye contact at any point, around a bend in the path, the little thing would erupt into barking and Taricha would say bad words back.

Towards the end I was nearly dragging Taricha along... she gets so tired and so hot so easily. (This was only a 2mile walk chunky girl!) Unfortunately I didnt get any photos because I was simply too busy working! We plan on going back again and again...

Afterwards, I decided we werent tired enough and stopped by an art fair / farmers market we had passed on the way. Two city blocks full of tents, people, food and stuffs! Taricha seemed to perk back up at the new scenery, loved greeting all the people who must stop and Ooooo and Aaaahh at her. We almost picked out a cute bulldog portrait but decided it looked too much like the short english despite the face markings being dead on.

Now we are home and the very first thing Taricha does is collapse on the coolest floor in the house.
And its not even 11am!

So I leave you with a video....

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Things have been going well. Just doing our thang! The weather has been fabulous and we've been feeling good so there have been many adventures abound. We recently discovered our fair city has a Walking Group and this has been the best news since, ever! This Saturday will be Taricha's first time with the pack and I'm terrified she is going to misbehave in her worst way.
How can this face misbehave?
See Taricha does have some issues. I love to talk about how awesome she is because, she is! Talking about the bad stuff sucks. I've gotten really good at avoiding situations that I know Taricha doesn't handle well but that's no solution! I want her to have a bigger world. Her biggest issue is leash confrontations and leash re-activity. I am her biggest resource and when she isnt in control of a situation, she gets very frustrated very easily. This city is wrought with stray dogs and douchebags who think a busy city park is an off leash area.... Im getting tired of being on guard and the situation often spirals because Im stressed, Taricha gets stressed, and its a circle that must stop!

So the walking group is a great big step. Taricha simply needs to learn that its okay to be around other dogs without greeting. Its okay! My predictions is... Taricha will throw a fit for a good 10-15min, lunging, barking, whining, biting the leash in frustration,  eyeballing and staring.... or simply planting her ass down refusing to budge.

Then she will give up, realize I have food and we will blend into the pack like old pals. Thats her way, like a child, throws a temper tantrum then finally the bully in her gives up and she will remember that I exist again. Im bringing her highest value toy in attempt to distract her off the leash biting. Highest value cheese to distract her from everything else.

This week's walk will be at a nearby park that thankfully, Taricha is familiar with. Still being afraid of how this week will go with the pack, Ive taken her to the park every single day this week to further adjust to it. Pretty sure every pillar has been sniffed and every bush investigated. Already coming across many dogs, so far as long as we keep a distance, she's okay with them. Plus this is a really neat park, with rose gardens, herb  gardens, ponds, statues, memorials, and fields and trails and swings and and... and its really a One-Stop-Park! 

Practicing Stays, Ups, Sits and Downs! Hard task in public!