Saturday, January 5, 2013

So close but so far...

The fostering adventure is still working itself out.. Ive been sitting by my email, waiting for return emails that give the all clear. It's a rough wait.

I previously mentioned my woes while trying to work within the system to foster but finally I've found a group that wants to work with me too. Yesterday we visited one of their facilities to meet with some pups, I was a nervous wreck and trying not to show it. See Taricha has a few issues, okay just one, leashes and barriers. Reactivity.  She doesn't like being restrained, or held back, the frustration boils and explodes. She needs to meet dogs while she feels relaxed and free, so going to an unknown facility with lots of dogs, lots of barriers and lots of noise, made me nervous.

Taricha did great. It probably helped that the fellow showing us around was extremely nice and educated. He knew exactly what to do, he knew every single dog and the greetings went amazingly smooth. Oh the dogs... I remember why I avoid going to kennels! Its heartbreaking and I wanted to bring every single pup home with me!

Well Taricha got to meet a couple pups but she was mighty dismayed that no one wanted to play with her.  I tried to tell her not to take it personally, these dogs arent the usual dogs she'll run into at the dog park. These dogs have issues and that's why we're here!

She may not have connected with anyone but I did. A very sweet Shepard mutt named Hank decided I was awesome and followed me around the yard the entire time. He seemed extremely indifferent to Taricha, even as she tried to initiate play and nibble on his legs. Indifference is better than some other things, so I considered it a victory and decided Hank should come home with us.

Hank has a good story, although a sad one like a lot of shelter dogs. I cannot wait to post more when the day arrives... !

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  1. Indifference is often a great sign for a good match. I'm excited you're looking to foster. We have loved it!