Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Hank!

The beautiful Shepard mutt on the right is our first foster kid, Hank!

Despite Taricha's interesting face-moment in this photo, she has been decently behaved and tremendously happy. They are just now kind of settling down in my room. Well sort of. They're tussling in a bed thats only big enough for one dog but they think two will work. 

My plan is to take things extremely slow with Hank. His story explains a little bit..

As a puppy, Hank was chained in a yard with his sister. With pretty much zero contact with humans, the two dogs were basically feral when they were rescued. Scared and frightened of other dogs and people. They were brought to a boarding facility where the two stayed, and grew up, for the next year and a half, learning to trust people all the while. The kennel assistant who's been helping us along the way, explained that the two  pups seemed to have fallen through the cracks and was glad that at least one of them was getting out.

The only thing Hank has ever really known is this boarding facility. While its a great place, four cement walls and a yard of fences is no place to grow up and be a well adjusted dog. Doesnt know Cars. Cats. Carpet. Rugs. Blankets. Shoes. Leashes. Couches. Beds. Counter tops. Windows. Doesnt even know the beginnings of Sit or Down... zero potty training or well... NOTHING. 

Hank may be coming up on two years old but I imagine he's still a puppy inside because every single thing is so new.

The great news is... He has taken today with great stride.  Hank has been happy, friendly and very engaging. He wants to learn, he wants to explore. I couldn't be happier. (Taricha too, big bully grin all day)  Still, taking it slow! He's going to be leashed to me 24/7 until we get house breaking under control. We haven't had a accident all day so let's keep that going.

More.... later!

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  1. so happy to hear Hank found you. Mom says HBO words when she hears these stories
    Benny & Lily