Friday, January 11, 2013

Not really sad... !

Hank is really a handsome boy. He's got a tall lean body and a smooth gait. Gorgeous amber eyes.

And this little scar under his eye that looks like a tear drop.  It doesnt mean he's sad I promise!

Hank has been a wonderful pup to live with these last few days.

The best part is that we have had ZERO accidents in the house. Zero!
Totally blowing me away.

Before Hank got here, I purchased carpet cleaners, puppy pads and a two baby gates, fully knowing that he had no house training. I imagined Id need to keep an eye on him 24/7 but he hasnt even lifted a leg. Not a sniff.

This morning, 5am, I wake to a nudge at my feet.
And then another nudge on my arm. Hank woke me up and asked to go outside.
Totally blowing me away again!

He has potential. He gets some basic and very important house manners. Now if only I could get a sit.. or down.. or ANYTHING out of him besides staring straight at me with big sad eyes.

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