Monday, January 28, 2013

Doing What We Do Best

What great weather for January. Early this morning we jumped in the car and headed for a trail we haven't been on before, another limestone glade, really good ups and downs and the rocky terrain makes Taricha slow down and watch her step. She was working hard, panting and we loved it.

While Taricha and I walk 2-4 miles on pavement every single day (but not always in one go), we aren't  in any shape for real hiking. And we need to be so since I have multiple camping/hiking trips planned this year.  This limestone glade is right around the corner from our house so we might start doing this run more often. The 3.75 miles today killed! (Our goal is 10 miles of rough terrain by spring.)

This random sign left me puzzled. I think the giant rock behind it is named Headache, as it was a truly giant chunk of earth kind of hanging off the edge of the hill. But then it could be the trail named Headache because it was so muddy.... it quickly became one.

Taricha really enjoyed herself, this is our zone and she seems to focus on the trail as if it were a job.  As we get home, I could tell in her face that she missed hiking and being exhausted feels good.

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