Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day Two...

You made a fun noise?

Hank had been a delight today... settles nicely, plays nicely, and listens when I distract him from naughty things. (twice he tried to get a shoe...) He is very much afraid of some things and I do not want to push him, at all. My man-friend visited tonight and Hank stayed his distance, very unsure. When Taricha came waddling up to ecstatically say hello, Hank decided it was okay too. He's following Taricha around, taking her lead.

I have not asked for more than a single one-on-one with him, all I did was introduce the clicker and he was rather uncomfortable with the situation, alone, with me. He understands that the click means food but not anything beyond that... And that's fine!

Then it was back to sniff romp explore.

The cats have been completely freaked out. Like they always are when a new dog comes around. They hate me too now. Little Vincent has been giving me what could only be described as a Death Glare every time I come upstairs to visit them. They will be okay eventually.

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  1. How nice for him to have such a good leader to help him ease in. (You AND Taricha!)