Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Quick Foster

Its a fucking gorgeous day, for January, and I find myself driving good ol' Hank to his new home. You heard me correctly, Hank was adopted!!  It happened faster (and easier) than I ever imagined. A friend of a friend met Hank at my house by chance and the two were smitten. After a few play dates with the hopeful-home's other dog, it was clear that Hank was at quite happy and comfortable with the family. And the rest shall be history...

Coming home to Taricha was quite painful. The house was quiet. She looked at me when I walked in, looked at the door, looked at me, at the door.....  To distract her, I quickly took Taricha to the dog park and  we burned some steam together.

After that first few hours, Taricha is over Hank.  (I'm not.... ! )

They got along just fine but they certainly were not friends. I think a lot of this was because they just had different styles. Taricha is a wrestler, a mouth-er, a tug-er. Hank is a long distance runner, a fetcher, a ball-er (lol). Hank may be taller but Taricha has 50lb's on him and she knows how to throw her weight. I really dont think Hank appreciated being slammed into all the time in jest.

I am very happy that Hank will be happy but again, my house is just quiet and some energy seems to have left it. I put all the baby gates away and folded up the crate. Gathered a few toys that Hank liked, to bring him when I visit later this week. It really has been so sad that I don't know if I could do it again, or at least, not for a little while. I do miss my time of just Taricha and I, We haven't been really hiking together in what seems like forever because we always had to get home to Hank!

Good luck to you Hank. I knew you were a good boy and someone would see that!


  1. Yea, congrats to Hank, but why today, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. How great to have such a success but of course you miss him.
    Almost daily I lament to my boyfriend "I miss KYLIE!" or Taylor, and before Madden was surrendered by her owners, I'd call out I missed her too. I never fully let go of any of them, though our dogs seems to get over it quick enough despite their bonds they form.