Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Hanging Out

Life with Hank has continued to be easier than imagined. He is a real dream to be around and as sweet as can be. If Im up doing something, he's right behind me ready to go. If I sit down to something, he naps in an instant. If he's bored, he picks up toy and entertains himself. Hank might have grabbed a few pillows today but very quickly learned, they weren't toys and hasn't looked at them since.

He makes himself comfy everywhere. This is how you enjoy some winter sun.

Taricha is getting plenty of alone of time and attention too, no worries there. She enjoys having company but she still enjoys our long walks, just me n her and no one else in the world.

The two really have become buddies over the last week ish. They tussle and eyeball each other over the best spots to lay. Taricha likes to take up 3/4 of any surface she's on. Poor Hank squeezes himself onto the edge of everything.

So all in all. Things are getting their flow and all is well. The cats have even decided to come down out of hiding! We have made great leaps in the last two days with them. Suthek the fuzzy black furrball has even jumped up on the bed with both dogs a couple times. I have kept the baby gate up just so the cats feel like they have some safe place while they adjust. For now! Ill be taking it down soon enough as Hank has proven himself worthy of full house range.

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  1. Wow sounds great. We wouldn't put up with no kitties tho
    Benny & Lily