Monday, July 29, 2013

A Lotta Nature

Stuff like this is what keeps us away from the computer! This trip was the bestest. In the middle no nowhere Missouri, Taricha and I made camp for a few days with the family and my man friend. Taricha was thrilled to have all of 'her' people around and all the meats over fires to smell.

A whole day was set aside for just doing something Taricha enjoys. We managed to hike a good 8 miles, explored some caves, ate some lunch, romped and all around had a great time.

and At the end of a day....

Oh I gave her other soft places to lay down but she decided this floatie was hers!

 (Where is Martok during this trip? Oh I left him at home sadly with the roommate. I try to take the dogs seperatly here and there, we like our time together. Oh and the two of them together can get a little much to handle for extended periods of time... Martok is still a puppy, after all. Next year when he grows a bit, we may have some real family trips!)

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