Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Newbies!

The fostering thing isnt going so great. Infact, its at a standstill... I've filled out official applications and contacted three different organizations over the last month and not a single one has followed through, if even responded at all. They must not need homes that bad huh? Before I get into a long frustrated rant... we do have some good news.

New snakes!

Meet  two red tail boas and two dumerils boas!

A really old friend contacted me through facebook, asking if I wanted to come take these guys off his hands. He has little to no time to take care of them and wanted them out of his house cause "they smell". (they only smelled cause he hadn't cleaned their cages in months.. anyways). 

Upon arriving, I was mildly disgusted at the state of these poor guys. Old shed skin still hanging on, feces everywhere, no water, too much dry-heat from a ceramic bulb and it appears to be months since they last ate. They were housed Two and Two.... which is not ideal, as snakes compete for heat and tend to be cannibalistic if hungry. (especially dumerils boas). The two dumerils had bred the previous year and the last remaining baby was in the cage with mom and dad, very much dead. Sad sight and smell.

As happy as snakes can be... I believe they were happy to be out of there. When we got home, I dumped all four into the bathtub while scrubbing their cages. All four sat and drank water forever. I mean they put their little noses in the water and just drank and drank and drank. Every time I came back to check on them, still drinking. 

They have been here for a little while. Everyone has taken a rat a few times and are starting to look so much better. Their color comes back and they start to perk up, flicking their tongue more when you walk by. 

Only one bad thing has come out of all this...

Caught the two dumerils boas breeding! 

I didnt expect them to because  its winter, dry, colder... and they're both too skinny.  Normally getting snakes 'in the mood' is a hard task, getting perfect humility, temps and light cycles, so this was entirely unexpected. They must feel good cause they're full of food and water? 

Just another reason why one shouldn't house snakes together. I do not have any other cages or this would have been remedied sooner.   For now I put the male in a box and there he will stay until I find some more cages of appropriate size. Which is not an easy task! Maybe Santa will find one.

Happy holidays one and all too... even though I'm a bit of a scrooge. 


  1. What beautiful boas. So sorry they were treated so badly. They are so easy to take of, but glad they are in your hands and now have a chance.

    I used to have a red tail boa. Just loved her to death.

  2. Yikes those snakes are scary. Sorry to hear about the foster
    Benny & Lily