Monday, December 10, 2012

On Fostering

pouty face

More fur kids in the house has been on the agenda for some time but something has been holding me back from simply going out and adopting another dog.

Im scared to death of committing to another 10 + years. Scared of something in my life changing and losing the ability to care for too many pets. Scared that the dogs wont get like each other  Taricha is my heart dog. Since the day we met, I knew I was hers and she was mine. It's been the two of us for years and the thought of some one interrupting 'us' is a scary thought. I always want Taricha to come first.

But..... I have the time. energy. desire. money, to take on another dog. Taricha often seems bored, listless, lonely and I can only do so much for her. I am only.... human. Last year she spent the majority of the year living with doggie roommates and they would romp from dawn until dusk.  Now she sits at the window staring out with a pouty face....

So, Taricha and I have made the decision, finally, to start fostering dogs. This way, we can have our fun AND help out dogs in need without the life-long commitment.  I hope Taricha realizes as much as I do, that this is going to be quite an adventure with a lot of hard work involved. She will need to show some pup the ropes.

We decided to go with a local organization I am familiar with, as I adopted Set the black kitty from them some time ago. They have a great network, have been around for years and tend to help mostly inner city dogs on chains and bully breeds. (which we have a soft spot for.)

I will be sure to keep this updated, its about time we had some REAL excitement  Though, it's a slow (learning) process. We get our house inspected tomorrow! 

Searching around for blogs and info n things about bringing in a second dog to the home and fostering... what to really expect, tips, tricks, etc. Suggestions greatly welcomed! 

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