Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Taricha and I are already planning our garden next year. This year being our first year in this house, we didnt know what to expect in our yard, with the dirt, the sunlight or the wild animals but we've figured things out so it's time to get serious. We have decided on naturescaping. 

"Naturescpaing is beauty and function. It is the practice of designing a landscape so that it reducded water use, storm water runoff and pollution all while promoting native habitat."

Taricha needed some inspiration. A few miles away we found this beautiful tucked away garden that is all about the naturescaping.  Every plant is labeled, bird boxes everywhere, gorgeous winding paths, bridges and waterways.

 This is the perfect place and I can hardly stand the wait until next spring when our yard will have a similar vibe.The birds were singing, the sun was shining and the chipmunks were teasing poor Taricha at every turn.

"I'm ready to work!"

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  1. We have a feeling you are going to have some wonderful ideas Taricha
    Benny & Lily