Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One thing after another....

Not that I'm complaining because its part of being a dog-mom... things will come up and I have to take care of them. This year though, is getting fairly ridiculous.

First a bladder infection which required a vet visit and meds.
Then the neverending ringworm.. which we are STILL battling on the cats.
Two more vet visits for ringworm meds. Endless anti fungal cream and powders....
by endless I mean we are going on 4 months of ringworm battle.

Then... Ticks. 

Like, a lot of them. SOOO tiny that I had a hard time telling if they were ticks at all. It looks like another ringworm breakout the way it gets red, raises the fur and itches. Tweezers couldnt even pull them off they are SO tiny. Sure nuff tho, its hundreds and hundreds of tiny ticks.

Im fairly sure she picked them up during a 5mile backwoods hike two days ago. She was on a leash the whole time and we were on the trail... but its the woods, what can you do?

So back to the vet to purchase some Frontline flea meds. We used it last night and by this morning the ticks are dead. They are still attached but slowly falling off and all I picked off were lifeless.

We had not been using Flea drops for a year or so... i thought there was no need when we never had fleas and only a random tick easy to pull off. I was wrong. Flea drops are good!

Now if only we could go the rest of this year without some weird ailment or problem! We'd be happier puppies!


  1. My dogs will get a tick or so a year and I've always wondered if I should just treat them but I've been told it's so harsh on their body it's not worth it unless obviously something like that happens. That is a lot to go through! Your poor little girl!

  2. oh man! we hear ya...back and knee surgery here for could have bought another car
    Benny & Lily

  3. Kinda happy to hear I wasnt doing a bad thing by foregoing the monthly drops before this incident. All ticks dropped off but she's itching like crazy. Poor puppy.