Thursday, February 16, 2012


In our city, which is a sprawling suburbia, its hard to find a decent field or any space what so ever outside of the established parks. Thankfully, its littered with walking trails that follow trash filled creeks so most anywhere we go, there is a trail nearby that provides some entertainment. This one happened to be between/under/around a liquor store, 10 car dealerships, a hardware store, a bridge or two and a highway. And a lot of really cute geese that leave adooorable piles of green shit all over the walking trails.

Taricha had every intention of eating every single pile of poop no matter how much I tried to nearly bribe her away with treats.... so we ended up walking on the creek intself and taking our time to admire the scrap wood piles and plastic bagreenery.

Really hard to look regal with that face, Taricha.

PS. Puppy playdate from the other day =O!

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  1. What a pretty walk. We like walking on the trails too. Good smells
    Benny & Lily