Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rising Star

Taricha is well over 2 years now. Some of her is still so much puppy and some of her really shows signs of  a grown up. She doesnt romp with me wildly like she used to (and sometimes I miss that....) But she listens to me more readily which is just plain awesome. Taricha seems to be on her guard more and more, prancing around the house checking windows and doors. Maybe its our new shady neighborhood and she senses that its her job. Maybe she's bored. . Every visitor must be approved and through alllllll our training, I still cant get her to stop jumping up on people.

Dont you hate it as your pooch jumps up, and the people go "oh its okay!!!!! I like dogs!".......
Seems to be a world wide problem.

Among other changes..... I swear Taricha's coat is changing. or changed, in the last few weeks. My mother says Im crazy but I think I have the pics to prove it!

Gold is the only way to describe a new luster on her coat. Colors popping! The strangest thing, on her right ribcage arose a lighter colored star. Just five light dots that werent there before. 

The contrast is  altered  in this photo but I wanted to make a point. There it is, bright as day! Ive always admired Taricha's coat as is, shes a 'different' kind of brindle than you see every day, she certainly enjoys the compliments we get everyyyyywhere.  Can a coat change over time? This star pattern .. hmmm.. maybe its the weather! Maybe its a celestial sign! Maybe she just needs a bath....

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  1. I either have people saying it's okay for my dogs to jump up on them, or being totally freaked out by it as if my dogs intent was to attack. Either way it results in me correcting my dogs AND my visitors!