Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duo Dog Days

The household seems to be having a great time the past few days. All except the poor cat that is. He's been hiding upstairs and utterly refuses to come down stairs as long as he can smell and hear the snorty beast that is Kalulah.

With good reason because there are a few things Kalulahs human neglected to add in her care instructions.

One being severe deadly intent on getting a hold of small animals. Cats, dogs AND children.  My sisters children stopped by for a few minutes and Kalulah did NOT like them. Ive never in my life met a dog so intent on staring them down, barking and lunging. She got crated instantly because theres no joking around with the safety of  kids. Cat being near is out of the question. On our walk last night we met a few dogs all of which the passings went fine.... until it was a small YIP YAPPER dog... Kalulah  flips shit, barking, lunging. All I could do was stand and hope to hold back this 100lb freight train until the other dog went out of sight.

Two being a bladder control problem. She's an older girl, still gets around okay but she moves stiffly, her fat bully rear end is not what it used to be.  Several times now she's left a puddle under her rear end while laying down and I do believe its to not fault of her own.... Its just every so often and I feel bad for her every time I clean up her rear end. Thank heavens for hardwood floors in most every room of the house. Although one of the dogbeds may not survive this week.

Taricha is still throwing a fit that Kalulah will not play with her but other than that, all seems to be settling down for the long week ahead. The girls are asleep this afternoon after a long morning walk each.... being lazy and waiting for the storm to come in.


  1. So glad that Kalulah is with you...keep trying Taricha..maybe she'll play sooner or later, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hey Kalulah and Taricha, you guys are very cute I hope that you will enjoy your time together :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond