Friday, March 16, 2012

Bulldog Heaven

This is a fun week for our household because we're watching another AB for a whole week! Taricha can hardly contain herself.


The white bulldog, Kalulah, is a special bully because she owns the human who united Taricha and I. The two gurrls have spent quite an amount of time together in the past, this reunion was boisterous nonetheless.

After the initial greeting, things settled down. Kalulah is an older dog, probably over 7. She's emotionally mature and doesnt enjoy physical playing nonstop (like Taricha). Kalulah seems to be far more people oriented, she'll follow me around and ask to play with ME, sit by me, nuzzle me and almost entirely ignores Taricha. Which only drives Taricha crazier.... she keeps reverting to 'puppy mode' and rolls around on the floor under Kalulah, whining, barking, nipping, begging to be playing with but to no avail.

I think its a great thing that the two get along but Kalulah ignores her antics. Taricha has always been obsessed with other dogs,  she's never been able to just let-them-be in any environment so this.... this is great. We went for a walk last night and while Taricha bounds ONTOP of Kalulah, tangling leashes every which way and tries to initate play (every block or so).... K just keeps on walking without batting an eye. I smile because I think T is learning something.

Ohhh anyways. Its really kind of early and we have a long day ahead. Attempting another walk? maybe.

Here's some tug!



  1. What a sweetheart! Maybe it's her way of begging you for a permanent buddy. =)

  2. such a cutie. What is better than a playmate
    Benny & Lily