Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feels like Spring

Taricha and I have been enjoying the last month of 50 degree days. Ive made every attempt to get us on a serious outing once a day on top of the usual neighborhood walks. We've visited several conservation areas, lakes and parks lately but mostly walking trails hidden in between (and under) suburbia. Its fun and rewarding for both of us to explore new places. And its just so damned nice out.....

One of *my* fave new places is an out of the way park that has empty run down baseball fields. Im nearly positive they're not in use because they dont even seem to be in upkeep. The fences are almost falling over, weeds overgrown, diamond dirt is half gone! No one ever passes by and the only sound is the far off soccer fields that seem to always be occupied.

The best part of these baseball fields is that they're mostly fenced. I feel comfortable taking Taricha off leash and getting a little crazy, a real rarity. We try to bring a toy along everywhere we go, the squeaky KONG being her fave. (She gets rather obsessed over this toy compared to others... crazed look in her eye!) We practice Sit, Wait, GO GET IT's with the KONG in the field until she's so tired she just plops into the grass pant-snorting.

All this work and new diet is starting to pay off. She is losing weight. Our weekly trip to my mother's house results in much love and attention from many visitors, some which had not seen her in a bit. They remarked on her looking better which makes me feel better because I know Taricha has to be feeling better. A lot of better going on! Im excited for our next  vet trip to find out how much she's actually weighing in at. Unfortunately for me (thankfully for Taricha) that vet trip should be a long ways off.


  1. You sound like you had a fun run. Always tell mom it's all muscle, not extra weight
    Benny & Lily

  2. What's the new diet you have Taricha on? Did you post about it?

  3. Switched to a weight control food ontop of cutting out a lot of other things. I should make a post... maybe I will :D

    1. You should! I always find it interesting to see what people do. I feel like my two each could lose like four pounds but cutting their food back doesn't seem to do it.