Monday, February 21, 2011

When sickness came around...

Our house is a constant bustle of going-ons. Not only do four adults live here, but our friends, significant others and relatives (and relatives children) are near constantly in and out. Everyone works hard, everyone plays hard and half of us attend school in between. This living situation is awesome for Taricha because she has a constant string of people to play with and sneak food from. She's still my shadow but everyone enjoys visiting with her as they pass through the house.

Loves kids, their faces are covered in food.

I've been really sick the past week, caught whatever this is thats going around.  I was curled up in bed this morning dealing with coughing fits of doom. Miserable and lethargic. Taricha started rip-roaring through the house making an awful racket. Up and down the stairs, up and down, through the kitchen, around and around. She's bored! The stuffed kong I gave her an hour earlier lasted a whole 10 min and I was feeling helpless to entertain her further.

It suddenly got quiet and I thought maybe she found something to chew on, probably something she isn't supposed to have. Just as I'm about to get up and investigate, my phone goes off with a text from a roommate, "Stole the dog, back later."


And now I can go back to bed too.


  1. lots going on over there, BOL. Hope you feel better
    Benny & Lily

  2. Awesome roommate!!

    You can try freezing the stuffed Kong next time, it's the only thing that lasts more than 5 minutes in my house.

    Feel better!

  3. It pays to have an awesome dog and a nice roommate! :) I've been fighting the dread bronchitis (again) and I feel your pain! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Mom said we need somebody to come around and steal me for a playdate once in awhile...BOL!!
    Nice set up, Taricha!!


  5. Get well soon! You're lucky you have roommates who can take Taricha for a walk while you're recovering. With a bit of luck, she'd be too tired when she gets back to make a lot of noise.