Monday, February 28, 2011

Door Closing

There is this door in the middle of the house that drives me nuts. It's kind of a separator. The living area, kitchen, bedrooms are all on one side while the other is the laundry, garage, basement and storage. The animals arent allowed on the garage side unless we're passing through. So in order to keep the cat out of boxes in the basement and the dog out of dirty laundry...... I keep this door shut as often as possible.

No one else does. People tromping in and out all day and night, this door gets left open twenty times a day.  Arg!

So I figured instead of griping at everyone else and being a b!tch. I'd teach Taricha to do it! We've only been working on it a few days, using what she already knew which was to target a note card taped to anything with her nose.

 Now this video here, we finally took away the notecard and we're happy to report she still 'gets' it.

My current goal is getting her to do this from a greater distance. She gets frustrated easily. I mess up easily and have a hard time being consistant. Practice will make perfect and I'll post another video when we have this perfected! Which is soon. Taricha loves this kind of stuff. SEE THE BUTT WAG!

Say Heyo to Coffee with a Canine who was awesome to feature Taricha and I this week. We are true coffee junkies around here. Even down to our coffee cup tattoos.  So pop over and read some doggie stories with your daily coffee... or bowl of water!


  1. Very handy trick!! Good job!


  2. Hmmm, we need to try that trick
    Benny & Lily

  3. That's definitely one happy butt! I found you through Coffee with a Canine and am looking forward to reading more posts. Taricha is a beauty by the way!