Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poor Lady

This nice weather needs to stay, mk? Who do we talk to about that? It makes for muddy walks, everything melllltingggg and such. Taricha comes home from every walk splattered in mud and slush. Her belly turns from white to black. Such is life.

Today out and about on our midday walk around the neighborhood... the trash truck rumbled around the corner outta nowhere and scared the bajeezus out of Taricha. I've never in her life seen her scared like this. She immediately put *me* between the truck and herself. She stood there with her tail tucked and eyes glued to the truck. (I giggled quietly and let her just stand..) The standoff soon ended as the truck gave into her stares and rumbled off. We took off the other way but Tbags kept turning around and looking for the truck as if it would come back to get her.

She's heard, seen, been in and around all kinds of noisy vehicles without any issue before. I wonder if its just the surprise of a fast loud truck zippin around a corner during our previously very  quiet and peaceful walk.

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  1. Aww, poor baby! She was scared! Funny that she ducked behind you!