Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singin the bluesss...

Man sitting around the house gets really old really fast. I'm currently unemployed (with prospects on the horizon) and it's been SO bitter outside that I cant even spend my free time romping with Tbags. I'm sure she appreciates that I've been spending every waking (and sleeping) moment with her for a few months and sure it's done great for our training and relationship. But jeeze we'd at least like to change it up a bit! Spring couldn't come any sooner.

So bored that we've been cleaning the house and training while doing so. Taricha finally leaves the vacuum alone! No woofin and growlin! I was SO fed up with cleaning hair today (emptied the floor cleaner tub approx 4 times...)  that I decided to humiliate Taricha and see how she liked being covered in someone else's things.

Now that I've seen her in a hoodie, I really like it! Thinking about making her an actual dog-hoodie now? Yeah that sounds fun! (too dorky to match?) Taricha, being the classy lady she is, didn't appreciate my sense of style and moped around looking.... mopey.

Rufio the cat must have the same sense of style as Taricha. He entered the room and flipped sh!t at the sight of her. Immediate puffball of doom. I never thought I'd be one to dress my pooch up. In fact, I always laughed at and made fun of the girls who put outfits on their rats little dogs. Dog in a purse? Gross! Dog in a pink tutu, how gay! Now that I see how hilarious (and flipping cute) it can be especially on my beefy hound, it's going to be a more regular occurrence. At least it's entertainment to watch the cat get pissed off.

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  1. Oh, you need to go say hi to the blog, "Two Pitties in the City". Those doggies have some really fun outdoor wear. You know when it's a blizzard and you have short fur, it's not that silly!! Plus it does look cute :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie