Friday, May 3, 2013

A Toothless Friday

Check out that lack of left canine!

Here she was last fall with a perfect smile.
(one of my favorite photos of ever)

 I will always still love her, less ferocious looking and all.

Taricha is unfortunately not really smiling today. (me too)

The vet looked at her mouth and said it's not healing the way he wanted it to.

Our really nice vet-man explained it all very well but its hard to type out now, apparently, Taricha is going to lose another tooth, this Monday, surgery, again.

The 'flap' over the canine hole didn't close so the hole is still a hole, now exposing another tooth's root. The vet-man did explain this was probably no one's fault, that her jaw structure made it tear and never heal but is positive this next step will fix it for good.

We hope so cause summer is coming and we'd much rather be out having fun than sitting around moping.

It certainly doesn't feel like almost summer because snow came out of nowhere! Marok is all, wtf?

Guess we will have to cuddle away the bad weather and pain.
Cuddles do make it all better. 

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  1. Poor baby, hope you have some pain meds
    Benny & Lily