Monday, May 20, 2013

Entertaining Puppy

Somehow I got lucky.... Martok is really a near perfect puppy. 
(As long as he gets a little exercise. hehe)

He's attentive, gentle, smart and of course he's frigging adorable.
Especially when those ears get going!

I'm comin maaaaaa!

What chew got, treats?

Awww yeah, treats!

Martok has been attending two group classes a week for a little while now. I swear I'm not trying to brag but he really is the smartest and best puppy in each class. He's never the one causing trouble instead he is standing next to someone waiting for a command and a treat, all chill like, whats up? When released he goes to play like a banshee with his dog buddies (for about one min) then gets bored and comes back to me, all like, whats up, treat?


Due to Martok being a smart little snot, he needa 'entertained' to stay outta trouble, so our outings involve whatever we can do that is fun on the way. This last week we've been working on climbing and sitting on various objects. He's doing great at it, especially considering the first week he lived with us, he was growling at fire hydrants and trash cans. Now he's all like, whats up, treat?

Taricha enjoys the same activity of climbing and sitting on things. It's a super great way to mentally and physically stimulate the pups, turning everything into an obstacle course.

Look a buuurd!

Martok is certainly making this summer entertaining. He's hard to keep up with and he's smarter and faster than me at everything we do.

Now, get outside and have some adventure too!

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  1. You go kid. We know Taricha taught you everything you know
    Benny & Lily