Monday, April 29, 2013

What a Week

Between two puppy classes a week, Taricha's tooth surgery and all the general mayhem of dog life... This last week (month!) has been a blurr!

Taricha is just happy the sun is out.

Chunky girl's tooth mess has been just that, a mess. I feel so awful sorry for her, as the hole left in her mouth is freagging huge. It looks like it hurts a whole hell of a lot. I may post photos later but its pretty nasty to see. She's taking her meds like a pro yet the pain killers leave her a bit loopy and glass eyed. The only mildly nice thing is, she's far more into snuggling than usual. We're getting some quality spooning in. 

Loves them ear rubs!

The hardest part is keeping her from doing anything with her mouth. If you know anything about Taricha, you know she is all jaws. Toys, bones, sticks and hand/mouth wrestling, all the time! (which is probably why her tooth broke in the first place... !) To keep her somewhat satisfied, we've been going on a lot of short walks throughout the day. 

Shoulder scruuutches makes the pain go away.

Poor puppy Martok on the other hand, is going slightly crazy because every time he tries to start something with Taricha, I break it up and distract them. Taricha wants to join the play, I feel like the big bad mean parent every time... the sad eyes they give me are getting sadder and sadder but there is really nothing to be done. Taricha still has a huge hole in her jaw and can't risk opening it back up. Taricha cannot properly defend herself if needed, she knows it and could get grumpy, so other activities like the dog park or play dates are also on the back burner. Life goes on....

Martok is getting bigger and bigger! And browner!

He did fabulous at the vet last week for a checkup and shots. At now 21 weeks, Martok weights a hefty 21lbs and as of this afternoon, has lost all four puppy canines! Until his big ones come in... his bite is much more bearable!

Don't let that face fool you. he is all bitey mode all the time! He's starting to figure out that humans have a lot of clothes and toes and fingers and its fun to bite because they squeel! Its a phase, I hope, or he's bored cause he can't chew on Taricha anymore. Martok is smart, he knows he's not supposed to chew on humans, he's just stubborn and never tired!

Since the sun is still shining, we're off to take naps in it.

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  1. Thy are the cutest together. Poor Taricha. Nothing worse than a tooth ache or mouth problem
    Benny & Lily