Thursday, April 11, 2013

Falling into a Routine

It's been over a month now since Martok joined our family, which is getting large. Two pups, two cats, five snakes and two hoomans. The amount of shit poop that must be cleaned up on a daily basis is getting out of hand. Let's just say, I'm ready for Martok to grow up so there isn't 6 puppy piles in the yard to pick up every single day. He is a digesting machine! So... anyways.

Most mornings involve Martok, quickly turning into a little black demon, harassing both Taricha and I until we get up to do something. 

Taricha is a dog who likes to get up real early, potty, eat and go back to bed for a few hours. She lays about while I get some work done.

Martok is a dog who likes to jump on her face, bite ears and nuzzle his way over, around and on her the moment he's out of his kennel and rid of his morning poo.

Taricha gets obviously peeved sometimes but once again she is the most tolerant beast ever. She's figured out that if she just ignores him and pretends to sleep, he wanders off to pester me instead!

Mid-morning is playtime, walk time, train time, game time......

 garden time, snack time, car ride time, whatever time.

Afternoon is crash time and boy do these two crash. Evidence as follows. 

Evenings can always differ but since Im personally such a sucker... its all dog time. Little Martok has puppy class once a week (though Ive been TRYING very hard to find a second class) but I always make sure he gets some kind of different outing every single day. Park, Playgrounds, Stores, Friends Houses and the list goes on. He's had a lot of successful playdates from machenster terries, to giant huskies, labs and even a super friendly chow mix. 

Taricha always gets some evening time too. I feel they each need their own space and their own time. Any dog does. I wouldn't want an annoying toddler barking at me and biting my ankles 24/7 either! As soon as this nasty bitter rainy weather clears up, Taricha and I will be on the trails!

By 8pm... which is kinda early. Both pups are again zonked. 
Which is quality dogpile time!

PS. Ohh I do work, mind you, from home, love it, which means my day pretty much revolves around the dogs right now and I work while they nap. Im over the puppy phase and wish he would grow up sometimes (only sometimes!) but I know one day I will look back and realize he wasnt a puppy long enough!

PPS. People who come thru my house in the evenings (a lot do, our roommate is a student)  mention how chill the pups are (after the initial 30 second buzz of "omg new people"). Whats the secret? They're tried. A tired dog is a HAPPY DOG!!!!!

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  1. For some reason mom is laughing really hard. She is having flashbacks of my Lily's puppy stage (the devil). Maybe different food will help the demon to poop less. You are very patient Taricha. I still have teeth piercings in my ears from devil dog Lily
    Benny & Lily