Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shark Dog

Little Martok has started to feel at home, I guess, since he'started to harass Taricha endlessly. He'll grab her face, ears, belly or legs and nibble or pull in an attempt to get her off her fat ass to play too. When they do play, its quite hilarious to see a little wiggly thing run circles around a big fat thing. She gives up chasing Martok too easily and it usually ends up turning into a mouth-jousting battle. When Taricha has had enough, she'll put her paws over him (attempting to hold him down, only works 50% of the time) and nibble his neck until he quiets down. 

Yet, a moment later he will be back up, pushing at her buttons again. Taricha sleeps, a lot, and Martok takes great joy in pouncing on her when she's trying to do so. Sometimes Taricha really seems to enjoy it, other times not, yet she's amazingly tolerant and has yet to 'tell him off'. The day will come and that's okay, Martok needs to learn.

All in All, Martok is a super good little puppy and I am so happy he's here with us.
Now for some bitey video

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