Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Bark at Things

I want to give Martok a really big world but also need to take it slow. He is only 14 weeks old! Little Martok is quite the barker and has no qualms with barking at strange things, people, dogs. Every time we stop in the car and there is something on the corner (fire hydrant, trash can), he's all woof woof woof. During puppy class the other day, the trainer brings in his 100lb german shepard to show us all something, and little Martok goes WOOF woof woof. 

Our trainer says it could be a phase but to not let it become a habit. So every time Martok sees something new and scary, its click and treat. Everything, All the time. Clicks for looking at it and not barking.... clicks for looking at me... clicks for going through his sit, down, stand, wait routine. The little monster gets it too, amazingly fast.

So what I've been working on is taking Martok is low-key nearby places and just hanging out and relaxing. Oh and some play time. New places and new things need to be FUN fun fun. No bark bark bark.

Taricha gives up a lot of toys to Martok, but her squeaky Kong is not one of them.

mmmm nom nom nom

This is one of the few activities we all have been doing together, heavens knows Taricha could use the stranger refresher. Everything else is too difficult to handle with two dogs. the little one couldn't handle our 5 mile daily treks and Taricha wouldn't like boring leash-work, walking up and down the same street over n over.

Despite these photos being sunny and bright, it was balls ass cold. When is spring ganna get here already? We have lots of things in store! We will have Martok stop barking by the end of summer!


  1. We were going to try clicker training with my Lily since she tends to scream at other doggies. Maybe we will. You better start listening little one
    Benny & Lily

  2. It's so very c-c-c-old here too, so I know exactly what you are getting at ~~~ spring has got to show up soon. Martok is definitely going to be a well-behaved doggy by the end of summer. He's learning so quickly! Sophie won't give up her special toy either, no way!


  3. He's a cutie, I will love to see this pair when he is all grown up together. Our pups really only bark at the door, someone at the gate, or really loud noises from the neighbors who sometimes. (on the other hand I have a leas reactive pup who whines and cries when he sees other dogs in the neighborhood.) With how diligent you are about training I don't see how the barking could be anything more than a phase.