Saturday, March 30, 2013

As Tradition States

As tradition goes around here... all dogs must love the skate rink!

Taricha still refuses to share her squeeky kongs but Martok is getting much better at pursuit.

All the snow makes us cranky though. Short trips are fun but just aren't enough to satisfy Taricha's needs.

Thankfully everything just melted.
This morning we went to a different skate rink...

To play with a different, more share-able, squeeky kong.

Martok sure tries and tries and tries. 

While Taricha kinda just stands there, not budging no matter how Martok flails. 

Oh poor Martok is still so skinny! I've not been holding back from feeding him, lots of training treats, meats, cheeses, peanut butters. He is growing bigger n taller like woah, but where is the puppy fat!!!?

When we arrived home, Taricha discovered a package just for her! Our new stuff from Ruffwear!  A new backpack and a neat bungee hiking leash. We will post more on this later... we have some qualms with other backpacks to discuss but need to test this one out before saying anything! 

PS! No... I didnt get anything for puppy Martok. He is too young to ask him to carry weight and he's growing so fast that any collar or harness I buy him, wont fit in a month! 

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