Saturday, May 5, 2012


The pack walk was a huge success and Im very pleased to report that Taricha was one of the better behaved pups, after the initial OOOO!!! of gathering together. She put up a fuss, mostly just lunging and pulling when I wasnt paying attention. There was one little boston terrier she seemed to take a fancy for, or at least an obsession with. We ended up near the end of the pack while the little terrier was near the front... if they made eye contact at any point, around a bend in the path, the little thing would erupt into barking and Taricha would say bad words back.

Towards the end I was nearly dragging Taricha along... she gets so tired and so hot so easily. (This was only a 2mile walk chunky girl!) Unfortunately I didnt get any photos because I was simply too busy working! We plan on going back again and again...

Afterwards, I decided we werent tired enough and stopped by an art fair / farmers market we had passed on the way. Two city blocks full of tents, people, food and stuffs! Taricha seemed to perk back up at the new scenery, loved greeting all the people who must stop and Ooooo and Aaaahh at her. We almost picked out a cute bulldog portrait but decided it looked too much like the short english despite the face markings being dead on.

Now we are home and the very first thing Taricha does is collapse on the coolest floor in the house.
And its not even 11am!

So I leave you with a video....


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Me and Koira are about to try out our first pack walk today, so hopefully we'll have a similarly awesome experience.

  2. Congratulations on your success with the pack walk! Sounds like a lot of fun!