Sunday, May 20, 2012


The internet is such a wondrous thing. We "discovered" a new park a mere 15min away, with lots of trails, trees, chickens?, caves and chimneys! This little plot of land sits on a bit of the Sante Fe trail and even though thh front entrance was crowded with a boyscout troop lunch... the rest of the place was completely people free. A perfect place to try out our new EzyDog Trail pack.


Our previous backpack was the Outward Hound Excursion pack. It was okay. For the relatively cheap price, it got the job done and we were happy. A tear formed after our first forest outing but I sewed it up and has held since. The only thing I dislike about this pack is the way it sits on her neck (seems to rest on the throat) and the way it carried weight (on the back).

This new pack. the EzyDog was picked out because of the way it attaches around the chest instead of the neck. I figured it would be far more comfortable and better for things like hiking, in which I can pull her around (or vice versa) if needed. The weight of the pack also sits far higher, on the shoulders, but at the same time it seems to impede her ability to walk slightly.

I mention hiking because we have some trips planned this year and are gearing up. Colorado being our main destination choice.

ohhh anyways! Overall, Im not really happy with this new pack. Its durability  is impressing me, good quality stuff and the top is a breathable canvas. Lots of pockets and hooks, lots! Love that stuff......  But its still chunky, its still awkward looking....the hunt for a perfect fitting bully back pack is still on. (someone recommended going a size smaller than the charts say to? Might be our next try.)

Please look at the camera? Oh. ok. fine!


  1. what a cool park. We sure wouldn't mind hanging out there
    Benny & Lily

  2. Wow that is a great place, it looks great and very refreshing place I hope we can go there too with my family.

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