Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I often think about getting a second dog. Fostering most likely because I dont think I could bring myself to commit to another 15 years of fur-kid-monster-ness. I really only think about doing it for Taricha, a playmate, a cuddle buddy, a friend to be with when Im not around.  Taricha has her own pet cat, Seth, and they are great friends but they cant interact the way dogs are meant to.

Then all my ideas of a second beast are dashed every time we go to the dog park.

Taricha does a once over the place, sniffs whos who and then usually plops herself down somewhere and simply watches the goings on.

We go so fairly regularly that she 'knows' a few of the dogs. I figured she would be interested in interacting with those, especially since she is SO excited to go here! Other dogs dont seem too interested in her either. She'll get sniffs from everyone but none will anyone initiate play. Despite the lack of interaction Taricha does seem to enjoy herself at the dog park. Would she enjoy another dog in the home?


  1. Cute, my Lily does the same thing. Not sure if you know this blog, but might like it

    Benny & Lily