Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who knew walks in January would be rad?

Taricha was bugging me more than usual today. I try my darndest to make the woman happy but you can only be cooped up inside so much before you start to go bonkers. Which is what she does. Barking, growling in a playful manner, attempting to nip at me but knows better and then gets more frustrated, bouncing and growling! throwing toys in my lap and generally NOT leaving me alone? oh it just goes on. Stopping this behavior is a cinch, I leave the room, shut the door, 15 seconds later I come back and she gets the idea and settles. (Its an ongoing process. I want her to communicate when she WANTS something so I'm never 'upset' at her bugging me behavior.)

But... all the training aside... one morning inside doing nothing is enough take 'the idea' of staying calm right out of her head and she was communicating as best she knew how. I agree'ed. We decided to head out into the great cold beyond....

Now, we go for walks everyday. Usually up and down the street, around the block once or twice and back home. Couple times a day. We've been wanting more but it's awfully rough when its been so bitter and snowy, yah know? Today was a good break in bitter, 40 degrees! *gasp* so this walk quickly turned into a long walk. 

Feels like we both needed it. From the get go she was focused on me. I love that! We were on the same wavelength from the moment our feet (paws) touched the front steps. We wanted to get OUT!

She fancies always jumping onto and walking along next to me at this wall around the corner.

Taricha is mildly leash trained, we usually have 'tension' on the lease but never enough that I cant hold her with a SINGLE finger. She usually watches but moves on from distractions. An occasional over enthusiastic dog in a house and or yard got her pulling harder and tail/butt wagging but she gets over it with some "come on"'s and leash tugs. Back to walking nicely with a little tension here and there. (I think she LIKES the tension, as shes more prone to walk very close to me if I keep it somewhat tight but not by any means yanking or holding her there close. Maybe this is a breed thing, she likes to 'push' or 'pull'. We use a simple buckle collar, so tension I guess isnt bad, kind of hits her on the shoulders/chest most of the time...  she SEEMS to want it?? Maybe I imagine it? Maybe not.... oh my goodness we're getting sidetracked...) We did great today. She listened to me, she followed, I let her sniff and I sniffed with her. (well sorted, I looked interested!) We... connected!

2 miles later.. we hit a park and relax. I smoke while she watched a few passerby. I love my neighborhood. Lots of older bundled-up couples, jogging moms and a few misc dog and owner combos. This park is allllllright.


A cute Jack Russel terrier thing was yapping at us from across the park while we sat. The poor lady looked distraught but did the right thing (I hope?) and just kept on walking. Her dog kinda followed, stop to yap, follow, stop to yap, little yanking going on. They wandered off. Poor Taricha just stood there butt-wagging, looking back to me, a few whines... maybe wondering with big brown eyes why I wouldn't let her go play with that little yappy toy over there.

Long way home, we are tired, cold and about done...

We found a dead squirrel but opted not to take photos as it was awfully mangled. I managed to get her to skip past it  and keep going by starting to jogg.  Also lost my lighter due to a hole (apparently.....) in my pocket.

Oh it was just tons of fun and it felt great to spend a few hours out and about just doing our thing. We REALLY really cant wait for the nicer weather to come around. (These kind of walks will become a daily excursion!) It was great to come home, lap a bucket of water and have both of us just collapse on the bed in a heap. Exhausted in that good way.

She loves head n neck massages bestest. This is happy face!

And sleepy face!

PS: Thank you to all the friendly neighbors who shovel their sidewalks! We are eternally grateful!

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