Monday, January 17, 2011

So what if it's almost a month late....

My puppy is still a puppy but she continues to get wider. My story as follows explains.

For Christmas, my younger sister was very awesome and made Taricha a sweater.  Not only is it logical for warmth, it would be highly fashionable to have my dog walking next to me in a skull sweater. We would match!

Taricha suffers my attention, as most dogs do. She suffered me stuffing her beefy chest into this mildly snug sweater. We just giggled and she just sat there. We took it off and hadn't really had a need to use it since. It was SO CUTE!

Now, the end of January. Its suddenly frigid outside. Windchills below zero. Our lovely suburban home is located on a hill, among other rather steep hills, causing the wind to be even worse and sweep around in bursts. 

And she doesnt fit her sweater.
I cant even stuff her upper arm through an arm hole.
Since Christmas, her arm/leg muscles have grown SO much that it -just- doesn't fit!

I am incredibly sad and I guess it'll just have to be put away for some future dog who needs a sweater.
My girl is wide.


  1. Welcome (back) to the blogging community! Also, thanks for following my blog!

    Too bad your dog doesn't fit in that sweater anymore, it looked pretty good on her.

  2. AWW, that is too bad that she outgrew her sweater. Maybe your sister can knit her a new, bigger one?

    By the way - thanks for coming over and wishing my brother a Happy Birthday. He was really excited by all the well wishes.

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