Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finding our place in the world

Today was a day that made me think about how we got to where we are. Taricha has completely taken over my life. I refer to her as my "fuzzy shackles" when conversing with friends because thats.... what she is. I call her lots of bad names come to think of it, always in a loving tone and I always do mean it in that teasing- nana- baby talk-  loving sort of way.

Fatty, thunder thighs, farty mc fart, beefy, anchor, beast, stinky, fuzzball (think Wookie), 2x4,  bean butt, drool face, snorty <- to name a few family safe words. I dont know why I make fun of her for being fat because she doesn't have an once of fat on her solid built body. Let's move on....

I make fun because I care. After receiving her last September from a friend of mine who didnt know what he was getting into with a new puppy,  I've come to believe she came to me because I needed her and she needed me. She is now my shadow, the light of my life, that bond can only get stronger from here. As much as I poke at her and often dream of the days when I could stay out all night drinking, disappear on road trips and skip jogging when I was feeling lazy.... I don't regret taking this wonderful dog demon into my home.

I was trying to mention today, right? Yeah, Today. An opportunity came my way, one I've always dreamed of.! I was asked to join with a band and be their merch girl. This particular band is well known, they tour most of year, have been around for years, have like 7 records. This is a serious paying gig with opportunities! I would be on the road for a few months with four sweaty guys in a bus, loud metal shows every night, selling T-shirts n buttons with my chest and wearing heels for hours and hours. This described scenario is my opportunity but is not necessarily my dream. That is simply to pack up and travel and experience what there is.  Traveling with this group would just... hit the spot.  I'm 25 years old, no college, dead end jobs (depending on the week...), no man, no children, no real goals or direction, too many hobbies and now........... this DOG DEMON!

It hurt to turn this down.  Sure, I could have found someone to 'watch' Taricha, boarded her, gave her away, (stuffed her in my suitcase and taken her with me?)... but before they even finished asking if I'd take them up on the offer, I knew I'd take this smelly dog over touring any day.  As Taricha and I cuddle in bed now, I type away here, I don't regret the choice to stay here and find our way, together! Who would have thunk you could feel this way about a dog! She's an obligation I knew I was taking on when I took it. She's here to stay.... and we have one hell of a long road ahead. 

Taricha isnt even a year old yet. OI OI OI!

So no, I cant stay out tonight and have another beer. I have to get home and let puppy out of her kennel. And sorry, I cant go buy those new shoes because I need to buy dog food instead.

But yes you can cuddle in my bed. Yes! lets go jogging! Yes lets romp. Yes lets impress everyone with our skilzzz! Yes, Taricha will be there when I need her!


  1. I wish more people took the commitment of pet ownership as seriously as you do! It's obvious that you put a lot of thought into things before you decided to bring her home. You're right, she'll be there when you get home every night and it's nice to feel like the center of the universe when you get there!

  2. That is a great post. I also often feel like I can't go out for too long. But nothing beats cuddling with your pooch or going for a run together.

  3. I'm willing to bet that she will being so much more joy to your life and you to hers!

    Great post.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. @houndstooth: Its also nice to treat someone else like my center! Gives me someone to spoil, thats fullfilling, hah.

    @Lavi: I wish we could run more. Our current issue is she is lazy and would rather walk.. so often its a coax-drag-jog -skip -walk-war :)