Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some Real Experience

Today Martok needed some new experiences. The sun was shining and with so many events going on around town it was hard to decide what to do. We ended up going downtown to one of my personal favorite areas to walk, Brush Creek, for the Dragon Boat Races!

There were a LOT of people around but I was expecting this! We came prepared with tons of treats, a toy and water. My plan was to stick to the slower areas with less crowds and scary objects. 

I found it interesting that Martok didnt blink an eye at strollers, wheelchairs, people in strange uniforms, motorcycles or kids climbing on walls/trees but.... Balloons, Fountains and Statues scared him.

Martok didn't seem to enjoy being around so much activity but he tolerated it well and kept a pretty easy gait and nature the whole time, always up for listening and treats. He even had a few people stop to say hello but not as many as I expected, walking around with a little black puppy apparently is not as cool as walking around with a giant white brindled beastly bulldog. (everyone everywhere wants to say hi to Taricha, which she hates. See this post.)

The Dragon boats were neat! The teams rowing seemed to have no clue what they were doing as every other boat kept slamming into the edges of the creek, at a fast clip! It was hilarious and every time people roared!

Hey I think you need to straighten up...

Too much! **CLUNK**

what do you mean I can't go swimming, its hoooooot!

And we walked around and we chilled and we checked out the city.
Martok makes me smile, he really does!

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