Friday, June 7, 2013

Easy Entertainment

Part of being fit... on this Fit Fido Friday... is keeping both body and mind stimulated. Today was a bit hot and nothing beats the heat and the need for entertainment better than breaking out the kiddie pool.

Martok is turning out to be so crazy about water. He is eager to pull toys out of the water, they might drown if he doesnt!


Thanks for the pool, Ma.

Seems to enjoy  chasing his own splashes. 
As soon as I put the camera down he got water zoomies... wish I had gotten it.

Both intently waiting for me to let them get the toy.

When I put Martok inside to give Taricha her own time in the pool... she was being weird! She just stood there staring... and staring.. and staring... (Sometimes Taricha needs her own time as Puppy Martok kind of 'hogs' the toys, water, space and attention.)

Taricha has been around kiddie pool's since she was a pup and it's still  a favorite. Changing it up keeps things interesting! Try putting a sprinkler in the water or nearby, squirting a hose, a toy that sinks as opposed to floats.Games with treats like jump in, jump out. Oh and add people (get in with them!), maybe even children!

Taricha two years ago playing with our niece in the pool!

Oh and I'm sure there are more ways to have fun? 
Any ideas how to make water interesting this summer?


  1. Yeah for the kiddie pools!! We mostly drink and lay down in ours, but you can't beat it on a hot day!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Good question. Fetching into the pool is always good, maybe a game of tag would be fun. Thanks for joining the Hop.