Sunday, June 10, 2012

omg Cats

Ive been meaning to mention that our household has a new addition. Two new additions really because I dont think I've touched base on the king either. How dare I neglect to mention his majesty?

This kitty is Set. To start at the beginning... Taricha and I moved into our new house in January, leaving behind all her previous cat and dog roommates. Things were great but its a big house and we were feeling lonely. A local rescue group had some cats on display at a pet store as Taricha and I wandered in one day, I was instantly taken with this  black fuzzball. He was big fat and lazy looking when we first met him but Taricha agrees with me that it was mostly hair, as he was only 6 months old. We met him several times there in the store and a week later were finally able to bring him home. 

Set fit right in, taking over all household furniture and warming up to Taricha within only a few days. Still kind of a lazy cat, he prefers to be sitting next to me, begging for scratches, than doing much else. By begging I mean that literally, one of the most vocal cats ever.

Things were going awesome in our little family, when one day my sister calls me up. A friend of hers' mom had the last kitten of a litter looking for a home. A little grey kitten. My sister knows that I was kind of considering another cat and she knows me too well to know that I loved grey cats. Everything fell into place rather quickly. The next day I had a 8 week old effing loud mewing creature in the car seat next to me.

Who is now named Vincent. The name comes from the fact that he's missing a portion of one ear, for whatever reason. I think its rather endearing and lets him get away with more havoc than should be allowed.

The two cats hit it off instantly. Set has always been super cuddly and affectionate. He'd rather snuggle than play so when he saw the tiny scared grey ball, he ran up and starting purring, cuddling and being a great father figure.

The two cats are completely inseparable now, only two weeks later. Vincent follows him everywhere and is still scared of a lot of things. people, noises, unless Set is there with him. Taricha seems a little bummed that the kitten wont play with her, but that will come in time I'm sure. My house will never be lonely again, the cats romp day and night from one end to the other. Every morning I wake up with both cats snuggled near my feet and Taricha at my back. Its a wonderful way to wake up.

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