Thursday, April 14, 2011

No More Homeless Pets KC

Today's a good afternoon to point out that we love No More Homeless Pets KC I'm pretty new to the dog world and have been so surprised about how friendly, inviting, up to date and COOL everything and everyone have been. NMHPKC is a local affordable Spay & Neuter clinic that recently opened their full time Health clinic and their making great strides around town.

I had Taricha spayed here last year and it's where we visited just yesterday when she was feeling down. Its across the highway and down the street, the facilities are open, inviting, clean. Everyones always been nice and the best part, they take part in all kinds of FUN  things around town. .

Just the other night, a friend and I went to a rockabilly show at a local watering hole. Lots of people, bands and vendors.... all a giant benefit for No More Homeless Pets KC and I wasn't aware of this until we arrived there. It was an awesome surprise. People were rocking out, drinking, donating and helping the doggies and people like me... who need to use these kinds of facilities when we're flat broke! Who knew an organization could be this cool? PS. They're totally active on FB and I luff that.

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