Saturday, March 26, 2011

Her Pillow

Taricha is such a morning dog. Its annoying because I'm not. She gets me up like clockwork between 7.30 and 8am by moving around in bed so that her entire front half half  is sprawled across my back and her head on the back of my head. So I get up, feed her, let her out and go back to bed. She comes tromping back into my room eventually, usually bringing a toy with her to chew on while I sleep another hour or two.

Lately her morning chew toy has been her main pillow.
Taricha will go into her kennel...
Grab it, pull it out and shake it until its dead.
Then proceed to find (make) a hole and destuff.

I dont mind that she shredded the pillow, or any pillow, because I made it. Im the kind of person who cant justify a $50 dog bed from the store that may or may not get demolished, especially when I can make a way cooler version for way cheap. I prefer felt-ey or wool-ey type fabrics for the outside cover and a hip pattern, skulls, polka dots, swirlies! The inside is a cotton slip holding all the fuzz. Takes about 5minutes to sew on the machine and costs about $5 per pillow.

 When she's had her fill, Ill restuff  and resew so she can destuff it again later.

I apologize for strange photos but it's the best I can do in my bedroom, which is dark, very red and has red lighting!

So if you hadnt noticed, we're huge DIY'ers around here. From braided toys, to backpacks to pillows. We are very curious to hear about other doggies' DIYs!

oh Look we're bouncin around toooday!


  1. Hi Taricha,
    Found you on the blog hop! What a beautiful bully gurl you are! Mom loves your markings. I'm particularly fond of your pillow as I too prefer the plush side of life!


  2. Thankfully my pups are serious sleepers-in just like me. But then there's the cat, who, if not fed by 10 AM turns the apartment upside down.

    I should get a sewing machine, I think it would be cool to make stuff like that. Taricha's lucky you make stuff like that for her and you don't mind her ripping it up.

    She's such a cutie!

  3. My little pittie girl likes to get up, go out and potty, then curls back up in bed for a few hours. She's always done that, since a tiny puppy.

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

  4. ut oh, you are going to wind up in jail
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hello! Found you on the blog hop! =) We fostered 2 pitties for a while... they're such great dogs! My Jasmine (a Havanese) unstuffs her squeaky bone. And I do the same thing... put it back in and stitch it up!! In fact, she has a fish named "Frankie" -short for Frankenstein- because he has so many stitches in him!!