Thursday, March 24, 2011

The evidence is on your mouth....

I left Taricha alone for about 15minutes today while I took a shower.

I shouldn have known better to break the habit of taking her into the bathroom with me. She juuust looked sooocomfortable all curled up on one of her pillows!

When I came back out, she was still laying on her pillow with some red gunk around her mouth. "What the hell woman?" I ask her. All I get is that guilty, I did it look. At first I'm thinking it's blood, minor 10 second freakout as I imagine she shredded Rufio the cat....... then I realized I'm an idiot and that she just got into something delicious somewhere in the house.

When I enter the kitchen I find a ripped bag of old strawberries that were in the trash can. She ate them all. A bunch of moldy gross strawberries. Of all the things within reach she could eat, why the nasty stinky strawberries!

Oh.... now... She just finished puking it all up on the back porch.

PS: Forgot to put the photo in the first go around. Now it's here!


  1. Ugh - sounds gross! It's amazing what they will willingly ingest, isn't it?

  2. What! Those strawberries sound tasty, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. We thought you were experimenting with lipstick shades!
    I love strawberries too, so I totally get it!!


  4. OMG, Gross! We just found you on the blog hop and we'll be following you around for a while, okay?

    Elizabeth and her Cardigan Corgis