Sunday, February 3, 2013

Still Exciting

Even though Hank is gone, we've been staying busy and our house has been anything but quiet. A new kitty came to live with us!

This is Toodles, a two year old intelligent beast. Taricha first met this kitty when he was just a baby of 8 weeks old so it was an easy transition for him into our home. He is my sister's cat but for whatever reason he wasnt happy there, or they weren't happy with him. I offered to take him until we figure it out and we break some of his bad habits and he has some bad ones. (food begging mostly.... food crazy cat.)

I'm becoming attached to him... he is super smart, calm (compared to my skittish pussies, pun intended.) and entertaining  He will climb on a stranger's lap and happily purr like mad. He sleeps on the stairs curled in a ball! Toodles has been keeping us on our toes.

Then we finally had a little more snow! Needed an excuse to wear the hoodies.


The next day the snow was gone. 

I dont think Taricha liked the mud that was left. It was caking on our feet so bad it felt like wearing boots. We managed to log in 3 miles despite the terrain. (I didnt have her wear pack cause I didnt want it getting thatdirty.)

I hope everyone is still getting outside this winter! Cold or not! 

Now for some cuddle time.

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  1. That was one good hike with mom. Little Toodles is adorable.
    Benny & Lily