Friday, August 31, 2012

Good to be home!

For the first time in, forever, I took a vacation without Taricha. Yes, I left my poor helpless puppy at home in the care of my roommate. My mother and sisters helped out as well, as they came and took her on playdates and adventures randomly.

I know Taricha still missed me and I truly missed her. When I walked in the door, Taricha mauled me with kisses which is something she never does. Lots of  jumping 3ft straight in the air, running in circles, sliding on the hardwood floor. I wish I had a camera out cause it was epicly awesome, so much happy.

Where did I go? Chicago with my man fiend.

The entire time we were there, walking around every corner of the city, I was really hoping I would run into Two Pitties in the City. It would have been like meeting movie stars, but alas, there were no run ins. I really loved the city and plan to go back .With Taricha next time.

This is a smile. You are home and I am happy.


  1. Oh hi, came across your blog and seems interesting so I followed :D Could you do the same for me? (If you want to)
    Seems like you guys just came home, home sweet home :)

  2. The best welcome home greeting ever! How funny, mom is heading there and hoping to run into Two Pitties also
    Benny & Lily