Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Size..

Our last vet visit over a month ago resulted in Taricha being called fat. I took this to heart and have been watching every little thing Taricha decides to stick in her fat mouth.

It was originally harder than I thought because every place we visit tends to have people who want to feed her. My mother's house has 5 people with table scraps and children who leave food sitting out, the pet store clerk and the coffee drive thru lady have biscuits, the back yard has sticks and most importantly, our doggiee roommates have food that sits out all the time (because their owner just does what he does.... First thing I did when I moved in was talk him out of feeding the dogs Ol Roy but thats as far as my advice was taken). I started to feed her about 5ft away from the other dog's bowls and with a little vigilance and a few 'no's' when I hear her starting to root in their bowls and she seemed to get the idea.

Aside from watching the 'extra' intake of food, I switched Taricha from an adult food to a large breed food. She has lost noticeable weight and is looking very good. Enough for other people to mention that her hips just arent quite as wide. We'll keep this diet up and see how things progress. Taricha's energy level hasnt changed, she's still an extremely lazy dog..  Especially on rainy days, she wont even go outside because it'll get her paws muddy. Ohe noes!

Taricha two springs ago as a fat puppy.
And yesterday.... ! 

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  1. helloooooo its muscle! Thats what I tell mom
    Benny & Lily