Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Im just big boned...

Taricha and I wandered into our vet the other day. We were a little overdue for vaccinations, Taricha took her shots with an easy stride. Infact the only thing she noticed going on was the lack of treats being fed to her. 

The exciting part of the vet's office is finagling Taricha onto the scale, holding her still and waiting for the big number to stop moving. She weighed in at a whopping 101lbs at one year and eight months old.

At which point the vet and two different techs decided to tell me that she's getting fat and should consider changing her food and lightning things up.  Whaaaaaat! No!

I admit that over this summer she's put on a lot of thickness.... a lot of meat if you will. She's.... solid. But I guess I chocked a lot of it up to her breed... American bulldogs tend to be very WIDE dogs...

Infact all her thickness makes for a great pillow...

For now we're not changing anything drastic but I have cut out a minute amount of daily kibble and watched her more closely to be sure she isnt ninja'ing the other dogs' food. (Which is left out all day every day per roommates request.) 

Taricha and I celebrated our first year together recently. Happy Gotchya Day and all!. The spoiled dog she is got a brand new leather collar decorated with metal pin studs and a shiny new ID tag. Taricha is the envy of all the girls on the block. 


  1. Unfortunately, in my experience, by the time a vet mentions a dog being overweight, it is generally a pretty significant amount of weight- I see plenty of dogs that I, from my dog sports stance, would call overweight that vets say are just fine.

    Cutting food back a bit and increasing exercise should fix that no problem though!

  2. HappeeGotcha Day!! 110, I'm 30, I tell mom its muscle
    Benny & Lily